Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Booze Survey

First, I have an actual question, does anyone else feel like every cell in their body is VIBRATING when they are hungover? S'weird.

1. Favorite person to drunk dial?
My Mom. She thinks its great.

2 (a). Favorite place to drink?
Home, I feel safer there.

2 (b). Most shots taken in a row (that you remember, rumors don't count)
2, but I'm open to the possiblities

3. Best drunken memory?
New Years 2005 with Michael and Amanda (and Brynn?)

4. Favorite person to drink with?
Amanda is pretty much the only person I've enjoyed drinking with

5. Liquor of choice?
Gran Marnier (sp?) Is that a liquor? I dunno but I liked it. Alot.

6. Ever gotten drunk and danced on a bar?

7. Do you get hangovers? Blackout? Or a combo of the two!?
Hungover a little. More happened last Thanksgiving than I remember, but I think its because I 'fell asleep.'

8. Worst drunken injury?
My arm hurt pretty bad after punching Chris a bunch of times, all in good fun.

10. Most valuable possession lost?
My dignity (I'll third that motion)

11. Favorite 3am food run?
IHOP is the tradition so far, but I don't do that much (I'm not invited)

12. Fact or Fiction, Liquor before beer, in the clear, beer before liquor, never sicker?'
I don't tend to drink them in the same night, so I don't know.

13. Best hangover remedy?
Moving very slowly, and water.

14. Favorite mixed drink?
Long Islands are good, do you know of something I should try? Whiskey and Amaretto sours are both good too.

15. Favorite shot?
Open to the possibilities, I've never had one that was just amazing. What's this Jolly Rancher of which you speak?

16. Next time you plan on getting drunk?
Well, Sarah's 21st birthday is in May, and I'm going home sometime in May whichever comes first.

17. Last time you were drunk?
My birthday last Wednesday. Ohhh SAKI!

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