Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some Heck of a Day

My friend Sarah's kittycat Othello has been sick for awhile. Today we went to the vet to be there with him while he was put to sleep. I've never been there for anything like that. All my family's pets died when I wasn't around, most with no advance warning. It was much more unpleasant that I even thought. Everyone give Sarah big hugs, she is very sad.

In other news.

Yesterday was a pretty good birthday. If only I didn't have to sit around waiting rooms being ignored so I could outprocess. But once I got home things got better. I hung out with Sarah because Michael was waiting for my gift to be delivered, then we all went to Bonsai Garden for some pretty decent food. I had some sake and they brought out a slice of cheesecake for me. Weir got me a strange gift, an iPet. It dances to my music and purrs when you pet it. We then headed over to the bar for some drinks. Pretty good time.

This morning I had to get up early to ride with Michael, so I could pick up my car. I spent about 3 hours off and on waiting for stuff to be sorted out. I'm finally ready for tomorrow's final-out appointment. Geesh. I did get some reading done, but it turns out I've already read this book. To finish or not to finish???? Eh.

After class I ran to the grocery store and picked up lotsa good food. I just made pizzas on tomato-basil tortilla wraps, very tastygood.

I also got a haircut this afternoon. Not the best, but I figure Becky can help me out with a really great cut when I come home in May, so I'm not worried about it.


  1. i grieve for your friend sarah!!!! i've never seen an animal die(or be put to sleep) but we've lost a dog and i cried for days!!! not to mention all the crying i did when our cat that we have now was missing for 2 days.

    becky would be MORE than happy to fix you up with a haircut....maybe some hilites or a perm? lol you better make sure you let me know when you are coming punk!!! you should come up before may (say by the 29th of april) so you can go to the zoo for annabelle's bday with us.

    i'm glad you had a good bday!!!!!


    Posted by becky (chase) samuelson on March 22, 2007 - Thursday at 9:08 PM

  2. You're coming home in May!!!! YAY!!! Lemme know when so I can get some time off (the salt mines can do without me for a few days at least).

    I'm sorry about Othello. My friend Misty is getting their cat put to sleep today also. He's got diabetes and isn't doing good at all.

    Glad you had a pretty decent birthday. Your life is almost yours again

    Posted by Amanda on March 23, 2007 - Friday at 8:29 AM