Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sure Can Smell the Rain

First, you must go watch 300 now. Go! I'll wait...

Okay. Awesome, right? Yup, me too, I loved it. I mean, damn. Every movie that has such excessive boobage should also include a minimum of 300 gleaming muscular men wearing nothing but capes and those underwear pants. King Leonidis also has very interesting teeth.

I'm still trying to remember the name of the very strange SF book I read many years ago, in which modern historians and scientists end up traveling back in time and helping the Spartans win at Thermopylae. It was strange.

Besides seeing the movie and the weather being great, Saturday kinda sucked. Michael's buddies threw him a little party because he's moving to another office. We played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. It dragged on forever. We quit. Un-fun. The thick juicy burgers I bought, burnt to charcoal by the grillmaster. I survived for 5 hours on ruffles and ranch dip before getting said coal-burger.

Today I made myself an egg-ina-hole for breakfast at noon. Drove over to the yardsale location and hung out for a few hours. Made $40. I have some paperwork to do tonight or I won't be able to quit my job. Also, a shadowbox for someone else in my shop. Glue gun + TJ = burn, so that should be fun. BSG is on tonight, I can't forget to watch that.

I'm hungry.


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