Friday, March 2, 2007


So yeah, I feel like crap, its a beautiful day outside, and i got out of work an hour and a half early. We were released early because of the early morning run, which Sarah points out is a bit less than 3 miles....more like 2.2. *sigh* Good thing it was my last one, I'm getting sick of it. The 'safety' folks drive around in little golf-cart buggy things, which are not electric but gas-powered. So at around the 2 mile mark (I guess) one of the damn things started pacing me and I had to run the rest while breathing exhaust. This sort of thing happens most times I run. If you're a slow runner, then you just aren't trying hard enough and therefore you are unworthy of any common consideration. This is quite clearly the opinion of those people who were born without an ounce of fat on their bodies, and never had to put effort in basic fitness a day in their enchanted lives.

So yeah... 5 days....

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