Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Burn Things

Wee Planets slideshow.
If you don't at think at least one of these images are JUST WOW! then I don't really want to know you anymore. Okay kidding. Half-kidding anyway. Maybe less than half. Check out the pictures.

I'm hungry. I tried making pancakes this morning, some Jiffy cornbread pancakes. I just cant keep them from burning with these new pans. I hate these new pans.

Why did I buy the new pans several months ago? Because I wanted to buy a bird, and teflon non-stick coatins are a big no-no for birdies. I still have no bird, because I still haven't filed my state taxes. The little pacific parrotlet we saw at Petco last week apparently died a few days after it arrived there. Sad, he was so spunky. I really like the little slate and blue lineolated parakeet, but they're $500 each and come in pairs, and if I'm going to spend that much on a bird I want the Dusky Pionus. Just one Dusky is cheaper than two linnies. In any case, I still can't cook without burning something most of the time, and I don't want to kill some pretty and expensive bird. Sad.

But then happy, because this should be my last week of work. Final-Out is Friday. Yay!

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