Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh I Am A Geek...

Oh wow, I think I win in regards to talking about BSG too much, at least at work. I just had a going away party thrown form me at the local IHOP. My coworkers gave me an awesome plaque, which I'll post a picture of if I can find the right camera cable.

Anyway, its glass and the inscription reads:

"Don't let the frakin'
door hit you in the rear
as you venture out toward
your unknown destiny!
You will always be
part of our family.

So Say We All!"

The top has the BSG phoenix symbol, and the bottom has the usual name and date stuff. I'm a happy geek, and only slightly embarrassed that they read it aloud in the IHOP.

Anyway, who is up for a season finale party this weekend? Me!

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