Sunday, March 11, 2007


How to Assemble a Shadowbox:

1. Wait until last minute.
2. Collect all ribbons, insignia, hot-glue gun, ruler, superglue.
3. Spend 15 minutes putting ribbons on rack, proceed to devices.
4. Superglue middle and ring finger together. (enter Kharma)
5. Spend 20 minutes unglueing fingers.
6. Abandon entire idea of devices.
7. Spend 1 hour attempting to align rank insignia. Pins will bend.
8. Spend 15 minutes attempting to align command crests.
9. Give up and watch Iron Chef America (Battle Breakfast, WTF?!), then Battlestar Galactica.

Everything is connected now, except the devices and a few missing ribbons which I can get help with tomorrow morning. The final thing I have to do tonight is hot-glue on the mini-medals. After the superglue incident, I'm hesitant to start that. I'm just sure that stringy crap will end up ruining something I can't easily replace. I also still need to fix that report before I go to sleep tonight.


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