Sunday, April 15, 2007


It was a very long weekend. I feel like I walked a marathon. First it was a jaunt through the Caverns of Sonora, finally. It was hot, humid, and beautiful. Lots of pictures.

Then we drove the rest of the way to San Antonio, found the hotel, waited for housekeeping to finish with the room even though it was over an hour after check-in. Then drove out to the Palladium to catch 300 on IMAX. I wish we could have seen it the first time on IMAX, it was so good. Also, the Palladium has a couple bars, a restaurant, and that Italian ice cream. The name escapes me at the moment. Anyway the theater is huge, and its really the coolest thing ever. Until I think of something else.

Dinner at SushiZushi was good. We over-ate big time. You wouldn't believe how much we miss the taste of a good California or Rainbow Roll. Michael's Yakisoba wasn't right, and the Cajun Roll wasn't very good either. Hot green tea did well to settle my tummy from the hot dog I picked up at the theater. Yes, all that good food and I had a hot dog that gave me indigestion for the rest of the night. Go figure.

Oh, and then this morning we headed over to the Botanical Gardens to take lots of pictures of pretty flowers. Oh look, pretty flower! I need 5 pictures of it! It's a compulsion. I'll try to post them, but I'm too tired to crop and sharpen too many today, so here's a selection.

Afterwards, we drove around downtown like crazy people trying to find a place to park so we could walk around like crazy people trying to find the mall so we could walk around like starving people and be picky about what restaurant to eat at because we hadn't had anything but very good hotel coffee all day. Whew. It was not fun. We ate nothing good and bought nothing interesting except bottles of Japanese melon soda. We like it, it is not baby drink. So there.

So I still feel all sick from the heavy meal I had today, even though I didn't have anything else. I've had 5 Maalox tablets. Mmm Lemony-Goodness. Still doesn't help though. Oh well.

After we got home today I went to buy an anniversary present for my hubby. I got him a few things. And then I got him something from me to him back to me, which is completely innocent. However, I left it for him in his bathroom, and he has failed to notice it yet. Since he already left for his game, he probably won't notice it until the morning. Oh well. I still have the real gifts stashed away.

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