Friday, April 6, 2007

Originally Posted: 25 March 2007.
**Update: Sarah sent me some more images from the zoo, and I also added a few from Putt-Put Golf that week. Chow!

I took several videos as well, but they somehow disappeared during copy from my camera. Oh well, they weren't that great. I completely missed the moment that duck scared the crap outta Sarah, or the jaguars playing, or the monkey sliding down his straps. The one video I really wish didn't disappear was the jaguars, they walked right up to the glass and played and huffed and yawned and I got it all. Oh well.

They had hyenas, lions, black bears, and other typical zoo animals that I didn't take pictures of. I tried not to take pictures of just animals, but with one of us in the frame. Interactions and reactions are the best (especially Sarah's, haha) and I can get a picture of just a lion anywhere. Anyway, enjoy the slideshow.

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