Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hey guess what? I've been married 4 years today. How weird is that?

So, there are 2 new birds at PetSmart. One is $1500 and totally out of the question. The other is a lot less and SPUNKY! But I need to research if he is good for apartments, no need to piss off the neighbors (or the spouse, I guess). I'm still torn about the pair of lineolated parakeets, but they are very expensive to buy the pair. Also, there is a pacific fancy parrotlet that is pretty cool, and in a comfortable price range. I've probably started to annoy my friends with the what-bird-will-i-get debate, which has been raging in my head for the last 4 months. I just want to be sure I can take care of them, love them, afford them, and not get kicked out of my apartment. So it goes on.


  1. well happy anniversary!!!

    we had a quaker parrot until i was in high school (dont remember when exactly) and she was awesome. talked all the time, cleaned the cat's toes, mimicked my mom all the time. she was cool. i think you should go with a talking bird. :)

    Posted by becky (chase) samuelson on April 18, 2007 - Wednesday at 5:15 PM

  2. Congrats on being married for four years! Byron and I, my fiance, have been dating for five years as of last Halloween. It's kind of shocking when you are reminded how long you have been with someone. But the time is well worth it with the right person ^_^. As for the birds, I thought about getting a macaw once, but they are expensive and kind of mean. Have you thought about a quaker(not sure if I spelled that right) parrot? They are very pretty and affectionate. I don't remember how much they run though. Good luck with your bird search!

    Posted by Tammy on April 19, 2007 - Thursday at 1:06 AM