Saturday, April 7, 2007

What Happened To April Showers?

Well there goes that. It took me 2 hours to get Mr. Sleepyhead out of bed this morning, so we could go to the Caverns of Sonora. Its a short 1-hour drive away, and we thought we'd sample the cajun restaurant while we were there. We knew it was cold and rainy, but eh, the caves would be nice inside. About 10 minutes before we left, Sarah checked in to see if we were still going, given the rain and all. Sure we're going!

But as we drove out we understood why she asked. It was sleeting lightly, but we decided to push on. For about 2 minutes. By the time we had turned around to come home it was falling heavily and pushed hard by the wind. It stung my bare arms as I made the trip from car to door.

It is April. In Texas. There was beautiful floral fragrance filling my house the other day. Its supposed to get to 2 inches of snow/sleet accumulation today, with an overnight freeze warning. So here we are, watching Peacekeeper Wars and drinking coffee from T&C.

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