Thursday, June 21, 2007


I am in love with how clean my house is right now. Yesterday's lab lasted until 4:00, and the test review lasted until 6:30. I ate dinner and then studied until midnight. Then I cleaned my house like a madwoman! until 1:am, and it is wonderful! I resisted the urge to sweep/vaccuum/mop the floors, out of respect for my neighbors, so I might do that later today.

This morning's Chemistry exam was murder! I walked out numb, shaking, exhausted. This afternoon's lab was easy and short, even though I managed to spill water on myself about 3 times. At least it was only water. Anyway, it was good to get a short day.

I haven't been to the gym all week, Bad ME! So what shall I do with my extra time today? Go to VS and get a new bra for my poor boobies! As recommended, I just measured myself. I used the Bra Size Calculator , which gave me a size I was not expecting, and which I will not tell you. Except for Amanda, who needs to be online right now! to tell me if it is accurate. But she's not, and I'm going to VC anyway, but only because Hubby gave me a gift card in December, which I have not used yet.

K! BuhByenow!


  1. so studying really hard makes you want to clean? hmmm...always made me tired and cranky lol. so new bra size huh? upordowngrade? lol

  2. ok so after i posted my last comment, i had to go try this bra calculator. let me know if you talk to amanda and what she says about the size you got lol i dont think mine is right either. lol