Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday I got all motivated and went to the Abs class at the gym. I got there early to do 25 minutes on the cross-trainer. I usually do the Pilates class on Tues/Thurs, and I feel like I need a better aerobic workout paired with the streaching/strength component. For the Abs class, this was a hugely bad idea. It was tough. It was in a more military format, with alot more reps of each exercise than I really needed. There was an aerobics component I didn't need. It had squats and lunges, which I really didn't need. It stressed my hips which tend to click during exercises like leg lifts and flutter kicks. Today I can barely walk stairs because of the pain.

Some of the exercises were good. OH shit im gonna be late to class!

***I made it on time, everyone was waiting in the hall to be let into the labs***

Anywho. I left my laptop on when I rushed out the door, which is sort of good anyway because the heat is very soothing on my lap. I'm going to change for my Pilates/Yoga (She calls it Piyo) class this afternoon, gulp down some Yellow Gatorade, and take an antacid tablet so I don't feel like fire is rushing up every time I have to do an exercise on my tummy. But first, I must piddle. You wanted to know, don't lie.

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