Thursday, June 7, 2007

Exam 1

Well that was fun, in a twisting gut, rising panic sort of way. I feel like I did surprisingly well on my chemistry exam. I only had to guess on one (of 15) multiple choice, and totally winged it on the last problem. The last one is okay, because he told us afterwards that he forgot we hadn't covered that section yet. So he'll grade us leniently based on what we tried to do. Government was straight multiple-choice, and the questions were as annoying and repetitive as the professor's lectures. Unfortunately, it also assumed we read the required chapters, which I sorta kinda didn't do. Oh well, its still multiple choice and I can guess better than most. We'll see.

Its a fairly nice day, mild by Texass standards, so the windows are again wide open. That's such a relief from the closed-in feeling I get when the a/c is on. I did a little de-cluttering around the house, and I really need to do dishes. After lunch. Maybe.

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