Thursday, June 28, 2007


So the last Chem exam is tomorrow, Finals on Tuesday. I skipped Government today to work my practice problems. I've only missed this one day so far, and I could do those tests asleep and I have an A already before the extra credit, so wev.

In short, I was at school from 8am to almost 6pm today, just for one class. The professor held an extra review session after the lab ended at 4pm. He schedules reviews for Friday afternoons, since we don't have lab that day, but tests have fallen on Thursday and Friday mornings so he holds extra review sessions after the afternoon labs. He's told us several times that he won't factor a curve until after the finals are graded, if at all. He gives us plenty of hints as to what is important for the tests. Yet still, this afternoon, the goons decide that they are going to interrupt every review question by asking "Will this be on the test?" The professor is a relaxed, nice guy, seriously. He's put up with Mr. WTBOTT without getting snippy at all, until today. I guess he finally snapped, because of course it will be on the test we spent an hour on it in lecture! Guy's excuse was that he wasn't in class that day...oh yeah, because that makes you look like less of a worthless dumbass. Seriously, the professor has gone out of his way to give us extra help. But the only thing Mr. WTBOTT, and about 4 others just like him, can do is leech off our time by asking useless questions and "joking" that there "better be a 20 point curve." Leeches, I tell you!

In any case, this afternoon's lab left me feeling like my brain had been bashed by a baseball bat, and I'm kinda quesy from the stress...

Off to lock myself in a room with no internet access for 4 hours, so I might memorize some Dots.

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  1. three words for you:
    lol i know it should be 4 words but it doesn't sound right otherwise lol love you tanya!