Sunday, June 10, 2007

Railing Against the Cool

I freely admit to watching Gotta Have It on Food Network. Its only because I was watching Ace of Cakes, and then I didn't change the channel or turn it off. I'm lazy.

Most, if not all, of the items on this show are for people with a lot of spare time and money oozing out of their anuses. They are wasteful consumer products, and that's something I hate. Even though at this very moment I am drooling over chocolate shot glasses. You can light the rum on fire and roast mini-marshmallows over it?? Then eat marshmallows dipped the melty chocolate cup? *droool*

Okay, back to holier-than-thou anti-consumerism. Actually no. I really wanted to talk about the KWC Waterstation. It is a round sink station for your kitchen (or outdoor grilling area I suppose) that comes with movable cutting boards, slots for strainers, and lower storage. I thought that was cool, until they said it comes in a shorter model. For short people. Like me. And now I am in love with a sink, and I want to be sickeningly rich just so I can have it.

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