Monday, June 25, 2007

Wasted Time

Hubby and I grabbed a coffee at the HQ building between going to Finance and the Clinic to sort our dependent paperwork. Its been a month now, its about time we got around to it. I'm not even going into how some people are making life difficult for me. Then lunch (eventually) at Arby's, and I was off to the grocery store. The commissary was closed because it is Monday, and WTF with that anyway? So, I went to the grocery store for some much needed supplies. Meals were getting mighty creative, though last night's experiment turned out well.

Yeah, and that part where I study all afternoon and don't even turn on the computer? Well, you see how well that worked.

Instead, I caught an episode of TNG. I checked to see if The 4400 was online anywhere, but no. We're thinking about getting rid of the cable and just buying shows we like, just like when we lived in Okinawa. Maybe not, I like 4400. Oh damn, and Hubby is home, and I didn't even pick up a book...Enterprise is on tonight...

Oh, I got an 83 percent on my last exam. That's pretty good considering the class average was 54 and I seriously thought I bombed the whole thing. Wow.

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  1. YAY! for your test score. creative dinners when you have no food are the BEST! thats what we live on for the most part. little of this little of that eh its ok. lol