Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mega Exam Day 2

I won't know until Monday at least, but I think i did better on the Chem problems than the last exam, but worse on the multiple choice. On the last test, I tended to put wrong numbers into my calculator, and also transcribed wrong given values. I triple-checked all my work this time, so hopefully that's under control.

Government didn't seem too great, but I'll find out tomorrow. Just any case, I caved in and did the extra credit. 2-5 Pages on a movie with a political theme, picked from a given list, due tomorrow at noon. I did 3 pages on Farenheit 451, in about 4 hours tonight. I've read the book, but never bothered with the movie. Crappy paper, but interesting movie. Its worth up to 20 points on top of my final grade.

Then I had Chem Lab in the afternoon for 3 hours. It was better than yesterday, which ran almost an hour longer. Also, I finally bought new safety goggles because the ones I got at the campus bookstore are crap-tastic.

I've also recovered from that Abs class on Monday, and I'm never doing that again. It took a capful of Tylanol Nightime cough syrup (for the nighttime pain relief, we're out of regular pills) and 9 hours sleeping with a heat pad on my hips. I woke up in less pain, and that's all that counts.

Well, goodnight.

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