Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Boobies!

Becky asked how studying makes me a manic cleaning crazywoman.

Well, the bug spray people posted a notice were doing the apartments today. I was actually home last time, and they just walk through real quick and spray all the exposed baseboard. Since we tend to have stuff piled/stacked/shoved against the walls, they didn't spray as much as they could have. So I made sure they could get to the baseboards. Also, I get a tad embarrassed about people seeing my home as cluttered as it was, and also things like the film that develops over the bathroom sink and mirror. Whatever, I'm crazy, get over it.

Also, I was pretty stressed about the test because I knew I didn't study well this past week. When that happens I lay awake with my mind racing over everything from the test to my future to mulling over events of the past...its not good for sleeping is what I'm saying. Cleaning in a big sweep like that burns some energy so I can get to sleep before 5am.

Oh, and my boobies! are happy. I decided to pick several bras to try on in the two sizes. Yes, Becky, the calculator worked very well for me. Turns out the old size just does not fit anymore, and I found a couple very comfortable bras on sale for $24 (from $42). I also bought some boring beige panties, because I don't like their patterns, and my normal grey or black in a comfortable cut weren't stocked in my size. Suck. They were 5 for $25, which is more than I would like to pay, but I was there already, and I needed new panties. They had different body spritz scents than the one I really loved, but I found a good one anyway. Go figure that VC is about the only place I can find perfumes that don't make my sinuses dry or congested. They smell good too!

I think I'm going to relax tonight. There are 2 books from the library that are about a month overdue. I'd return them unread, but that would just be wrong!

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