Tuesday, June 12, 2007

School Update

We got our Chem Exams back today. I got an 87%, and I'm pretty proud of that because only 5 people in the class got above 80%. Plus, he mis-graded the last problem for the whole class, and he's taking them back up to fix tomorrow, so I think I'll have a 91%.

The class average was 63%, which he said was pretty good compared to past classes and given the horrified faces we all had when we turned them in. I find that funny because a) I was horrified, and b) I often have people ask me if I'm okay because they see something in my face, when I feel I am perfectly fine/coping. So with that combo my face must have said "downright terrified."

I didn't study for the Government Exam, and I got an A which was 78% on the curve. Given that I've already had my fill of US Gov/History classes, and that half this class is about Texass government, I really could care less as long as I pass.

Anywho, the next Exam is this Thursday, for both classes. The original schedule had them on consecutive days which would have been good. I may have actually studied for Government. Sadly it did not stay that way. Damn those accelerated summer schedules.

Tonight I quizzed myself on binary ionic compounds, finished my practice problems for chapter 3, and moved on to chapter 4 where I hit the end of today's lecture. I really really know I need to revisit the polyatomic ions, but I'm still not sure how to go about it.

Its time for bed. Naughty-night peoples. (because spellcheck said so)

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