Friday, June 22, 2007

SG-1 Series Finale

Is anyone else just a bit disappointed in the finale? No end to the Ori threat, though I can believe Atlantis might deal with this in the future. The movie certainly won't. I just watched the interview on and they're saying Stargate: Continuum is an alternate-timeline story. Why? They have plenty of material for a movie without doing that, and enough continuity problems for fans of the original Stargate movie who haven't watched much SG-1. I would really love to see the Stargate Program made public, The show has only addressed that in, you guessed it, alternate-timeline episodes. What is the deal with that?

That is what bothers me most, nothing "real" happened in the Series Frickin' Finale, except the death of the Asgard, which was a bit glossed over. Instead, we get a mean-spirited tirade from Daniel Jackson, which was completely out of character. Then an immediate emotional switch and that whole scene just pissed me off. Not that they got together, but that it just went all weird. It just lacked the depth that character normally displays. In fact, the whole episode lacked real depth. Why make the alternate timeline last so damn long, instead of maybe a year or two and have them remember everything? I'm mad.
Enjoy an old image of SG1 (it'll make you feel better):

On an up note, it looks like Sam Carter will be the new civilian commander of Atlantis for next season. Though she looks goofy in the preview I saw, I think that mostly stems from the odd outfit she's in. It seems like an odd holdover from Dr. Weir, who was seriously injured in tonight's episode and talked about leaving command anyway. I didn't like her at first, but I got used to her personality. Whatever, not a big loss. Sam, on the other hand, will be great to see in charge. She always ended up second despite her qualifications. I also really hated how often her strong character was made to look like an awkward teen with a crush, where she could have been a little more mature. Eh, we all have flaws, and hopefully her switch to civilian life will ease certain romantic tensions. That would be fun. Yeah.

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