Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just Another Day

The movie review paper was a waste of effort. The last exam came back, and I still had an A in the class. I studied less, if at all really. Also, the paper was graded on the basis of "did you turn it in? and did it fit the technical requirements? I'm pretty sure he didn't even read them. Whatever, I'll take 20 points. So I expect to put no further effort into Govt 2301. Yesterday I was so painfully bored that I got up and left 20 minutes early, just to check the system and make sure he wasn't the one teaching Govt 2302. I was going to drop and register for someone else if not.

Chemistry is getting harder. 2 weeks left in this term. Wish me luck.

Oh, and I put this on the myspace glob the other day, forgot to cross-post:

Perfect Spheres
Apparently the current object being used as a standard for measurement is deteriorating, and that sucks. So, the Australians are making perfect speres of exactly 1kilogram so they can measure it exactly and tell us how many atoms of that material make up 1 kilogram.

So most people wouldn't find this interesting, but I do.

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